Will Utah See a Water Shortage in the Near Future?

Glass of waterWater reserves in Utah could soon dry up. That is if the current weather continues throughout September 2017, following a hot and dry summer in the past few months.

The state’s water reserves have been normal, as evidenced by annual precipitation totals that meteorologists begin tracking every October. This is according to the Natural Resources Conservation Service’s monthly report. However, this is because of a robust snowpack that took place in winter of 2016.

Water Shortage?

The report predicted a lack of water supply in several places in the state by the end of the water year in October 2017. It estimated reserves will reach below-normal figures. Aside from a potential shortage, the weather pattern of a wet winter and dry summer also contributes to wildfire incidents in the West Coast. National Weather Service meteorologist Glen Merrill also believes that short-term water prospects in Utah are rather bleak.

This problem takes place as the weather pattern drives the growth of early-season plants, which then become dry and combustible. Still, some meteorologists expect that the El-Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) will likely cause an above-average level of precipitation in most parts of the US this coming winter.

Snowfall Levels

Meteorologist Chris Tomer expects Utah to have “normal to above-normal snowfall this winter at the ski areas” because of ENSO. He has an advice to skiers and those with holiday plans in December. Do not to be overly optimistic about winter snowfall levels this year.

What if you do not have any trips planned? According to Whipple Service Champions, check for possible home furnace repairs in Utah amid the expected snowfall. Your risks lie in malfunctions in your home due to the abnormal weather and other factors.

Weather forecasts for the winter season usually serve as a guide more than an actual fact. These predictions help in preparing communities to make necessary adjustments. Being able to make these changes are important, whether it’s making sure water resources remain enough for a short-term period or simply booking a ski trip at a better time.

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