Why Prioritise Location for Businesses when Buying a Motel

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Most people who are interested in owning and operating a motel often ask whether they should build one from the ground up or buy an existing one, which is already operational. There are pros and cons that go with both, mostly involving costs, but the real question is, where is the motel located?

Tourist hotspots vs. business areas

When you ask where you should open a motel, motel brokers in Queensland will probably ask you what type of market you are more interested in, as they can help you acquire a motel near a tourist attraction or at a place popular for business stays.

You will be happy to know that both of these spots are great for your new business. More people are traveling once again, thanks to the world economy slowly creeping back to normalcy. It would be wise to note, however, that places often visited by executives and other representatives from businesses are more consistent.

The strength of business trips

Business executives and representatives often travel during workdays, with many extending their stays on through the weekend to have some time for R&R, especially if the place they are visiting happens to have some tourist spots, as well.

Compared to tourist spots, however, places often visited for business do not usually have peak seasons or slow months. The business you will get from these guests is more or less consistent. So if you were to pick between the two, it is advisable to locate your motel business in a place frequented by more businesspeople than just tourists.

Facilities and offerings

To make your motel attractive to those traveling for business, customise your facilities to reflect how ‘business-friendly’ your establishment is. Every room should have a place for a laptop, Wi-Fi and at least an optional LAN cable connection. An executive meeting or conference room is a plus, with a laptop and a digital projector that guests may use. How you fashion your amenities can show business travellers that you are the best place for their stay.

A motel is a good business. Apart from the lucrative nature courtesy of guest check-ins, restaurant meals, etc. you also gain equity on the property. So start looking for one you can buy at the right location.

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