What Attracts Wasps: Making Your Home Less Wasp-Friendly

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pest controlThere’s plenty of visitors you want to impress and be attracted to your home — but certainly, it wouldn’t be wasps. These pesky insects buzz their way through your house and make it their very own home.

In states such as Utah where wasps are a common problem, homeowners need to know what attracts wasps and how they can make their homes less wasp-friendly.

A Haven at Your Home

What makes wasps travel to your home is they’re looking for a safe place to build their nests. Before winter starts, queen wasps go to protected, warm places where they can spend the colder months. Unfortunately, this could be your insulated walls, foundation, or just about any hidden corner.

Coming out of hibernation during summer, the queen wasp goes to look for food. So they build their nests where there’s abundant supply of food. And usually, that’s your yard where they can feed on grubs or larvae in the soil or sugar from fruits that have fallen from trees.

To be near food supply, their nests are in eaves, overhangs, or porch ceilings. They pick the corner spots to have their nests more protected.

Your Home, Not Theirs

Now that you know the behavior of these wasps, you can insect-proof your home and make it less desirable for these pests. The first thing to do is to cut the wasps’ food supply as much as possible.

You can do this by having regular insect control; Salt Lake City experts provide treatments outside of your home, which will eliminate the bugs that wasps prey on.

Another thing you can do is to station your garbage bins meters away from your home if possible. Wasps love digging the trash to find protein-rich food.

Make sure you clean up around trees as well, regularly keeping off fallen fruit trees. It’s also important to get rid of standing water in your yard to cut down water supply for these pests.

Before winter, do an over-all check of your home and repair immediately broken siding, panels, or any crevices that can be home to these wasps.

Don’t let wasps take over your home. Remember, your home is not their home. Get help from insect control specialists to keep these pests away from your property.

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