What are the Types of Distribution Systems for Indoor Heating and Cooling?

air-conditioned room

air-conditioned roomIndoor comfort largely depends on the room’s temperature. Heating and cooling systems are an essential part of modern buildings. After picking the heater for your building, you need to select a distribution system.

There are various methods of distributing your heat throughout your interiors. Before settling on one, consult a plumber for advice on the best unit for your building, like Expert Plumbing, Heating, Air and Electrical.

Here are some of the typical distribution systems they might recommend:

Forced-Air Systems

These systems use a blower to distribute the heat and cold produced by your central air conditioner. The blower forces the cold or hot air through your home’s air ducts. As warm air flows through the ducts into your rooms, cold air flows out of the rooms through other ducts. The main issues with a forced air system are the noise caused by the blower and its possible malfunction.

Gravity Systems

These work on the principle that cold air sinks while hot air rises. In this system, your furnace is located below or near your floor and registers and ducts high up on your walls. Warm air rises to the ceiling and is distributed through the ducts and registers while cold air sinks and returns to the furnace where it is reheated.

Radiant Systems

These systems warm various objects in your room which then radiate the warmth to your room. The common radiators warmed in radiant systems include floors, ceilings, and walls, which in turn heat your interiors. Radiant heating systems are built into concrete slab foundations in modern buildings while in older constructions, the radiators are used with heating systems for hot water.

Choosing the ideal distribution system from the ones above for your building is the first step in your indoor comfort. Getting an expert to install your system is the next step. After installation, routine expert maintenance is vital to keeping your distribution system in good working condition.

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