Types of Snap Rodent Traps

a rodent in the darkRodents are among the most annoying and generally resilient pests most property owners deal with. The longer you let these pests stay on your property, the harder it becomes to get them out. There are different measures you could employ for rodent control, including chemical and non-chemical means.

Chemical methods might be harmful to your household, more so if you have pets and children. The most efficient non-toxic method rodent control experts in Boca Raton, Florida, might recommend is a snap trap. This is a mechanical trap that snaps shut once triggered by a rodent.

Here are the categories of snap traps.

Electronic Traps

These box-shaped traps use bait inside it to attract rodents. Once a rodent gets inside the trap, an electric shock is generated. Electronic traps are efficient, easy to use and economical. They have a green light that will blink for 24 hours after the electrocution to alert you that a rodent has died.

Glue Traps

These are a thin glue layer on a plastic sheet with bait in the center. The rodent gets stuck on the glue as it reaches for the bait in the center. Though economical and easy to use, the rodent stays alive on the glue trap and will die through other means.

Multiple Catch Traps

Unlike other snap traps that catch one rodent at a time, multiple catch traps will trap several. They have a trap door and come in different sizes. Multiple catch traps will, however, not kill the rodent — just catch them.

Rodents not only transmit a range of diseases but also gnaw away on your property’s belongings. With the methods above, you can now rid your building of these pests.

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