Troubleshooting a Gas Dryer That Won’t Heat

Woman doing laundry

Woman doing laundryThe dryer is a vital home appliance that is easily taken for granted. But when it malfunctions, the impact on your life can be astonishing. All of a sudden, your house is filled with waterlogged clothes, which can be hugely inconveniencing especially if you are located in an area with unfavorable weather. shares some of the common culprits that reduce your dryer’s drying abilities.

Thermal fuse

The thermal fuse is a safety device that is designed to prevent your dryer from overheating. If the temperature in the heating chamber gets too high, the thermal fuse will blow to cut the power in the coils that control the gas valve. The fuse should be tested for continuity to isolate the issue, and if it reads zero, then it must be blown and should be replaced.

Gas valve coils and the igniter

The igniter is an excellent electric conductor that glows hot enough to ignite gas every time you turn on the dryer. With time, the conductor can burn out and when it does, it will glow but will not become hot enough for the gas to ignite. Similarly, the progressive age of your dryer will see the electric coils that control the valve wearing out, hence becoming defective. When this happens, the igniter will glow, but there will be no gas to ignite.

Airflow and heat

The tumbler is driven by a motor that in turn drives the fan, which is tasked with circulating air into the heating chamber until it is expelled through the vents. If there is blockage and air cannot circulate, the chamber will overheat, which will prompt the cycling thermostat to cut off the gas. When the chamber cools, the thermostat resets only to turn off again as soon as the chamber overheats. This inconsistent heating makes your clothes take longer to dry.

Dryers are indispensable household appliances for most homeowners. These appliances are rendered defective when they have faulty components. Regular inspection and maintenance can help keep them in their optimal working condition.

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