Top Food to Eat While Living in Osaka

Living in Osaka Are you considering buying property in Osaka? If so, you have several reasons to make that investment, one of which is the delicious local delicacies that you can eat daily. The city is famous for different types of Japanese food.


Grilled meat places to eat are almost in every corner of this bustling metropolis. This dish is one of the go-to meals of locals and foreigners alike. You have several restaurant options, from cheap to expensive, when you explore the city.


Okonomiyaki is one of the first foods to come to mind when someone thinks of Osaka. This is a distinctly Japanese pancake-like dish that includes negi, bean sprouts, egg and dashi as its ingredients. It also comes with sauce toppings that give it extra flavour.


A trip to any part of Japan is incomplete without trying a bowl of ramen. Luckily for you, Osaka is home to many ramen brands in different price points from convenience store ones to high-end dining. The hot broth and silky smooth noodles will satiate your hunger and warm your body on cold nights.

Baby Octopus

This iconic dish may seem gross, but it is one of the most popular ones in Osaka. The baby octopus has a quail egg in its head for added flavour and texture. The best place to eat this is in the Kuromon Market in Dotonbori.


Other than trying baby octopuses, a trip to Kuromon Market will also give you an opportunity to try a local delicacy, which is fresh sushi. Get a bowl of Kaisen-don that comes with ikura and uni, which is a must-have dish while in you’re living in your property in Osaka.


Takoyaki is one of the most famous street foods in Japan; this delicious dish has a tasty and melting interior that is a treat for anyone who eats it. Konamon Museum provides customers with a variety of flavours that include shrimp, tako and bacon and cheese.

These are the mouth watering decisions that will make you want to live in Osaka. Think about eating these delicacies on a daily basis.


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