Top Additions for Your Fireplace

Close up shot of burning firewood in the fireplace.Fireplaces are one of the most charming and comfort-giving components of a home. These additions have an attractive, romantic, and magical vibe, draws people and encourage them to lounge around. Also, these can increase the overall value of a home, since these can significantly contribute to its higher liability.

As pretty and functional as these installations are, however, know that there are several other things you can do to further boost their use and beauty. Consider the following:

The mantel

Fireplace mantels, also commonly called “mantelpieces,” are both cosmetic and functional in nature. Serving not just as a shelf but also a focal decorative point, this installation improves the aesthetics of your fireplace, making it the center of attention of the room. Handcarved authentic mantels remain popular additions because of its timeless appeal to them, as well the impressive handiwork on the details and carvings.

Your choices are endless. Most mantels use an extensive variety of materials, from brick to stone and even marble. These are your prime options when you want to go for a traditional look, but you’ll also find these available in metal if you want a more contemporary vibe.

The insert

Another addition you should consider making to your gas fireplace is an insert. With this in place, you can boost the efficiency of the fireplace, making it generate a higher level of comfortable heat. It can also improve the entire system by making it cleaner and safer, which is a must when using fireplaces.

The doors

Never forget to consider glass doors when upgrading your fireplace. Like inserts, these also help heighten the energy-efficiency of the system, while also reducing the air loss that usually occur in the chimney. Plus, they add a much cleaner look to your fireplace, especially when not in use.

Fireplaces are already glamorous as it is, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve it. With these additions in place, you definitely will get the most out of your comfort-giving, appeal-increasing fireplace.

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