Top 2 Qualities to Consider when Building a Granny Flat

Small HouseGranny flats have become a necessary addition in many homes in Australia; sometimes, you very much need that extra space. Typically, you will have granny flats as an extension to an existing house, so it will be on the very same property. But you can choose to fence this section if you want to ensure your visitors have some privacy.

However, before ordering your first granny flat kits, here are two key factors you should consider:

Size of Land

Building granny flats require you first confirm that your property has the extra space to fit an additional structure. Take measurements of your backyard excluding the swimming pool area, playground, outdoor living area and fences. You will then have an approximate figure of how much land you have left to build your structure. This will determine the size of your flat and the design it can take.

Right Company

Working with the right constructors will play a huge role in the realisation of your vision. Look for a company that has been in the industry for some time and has an excellent reputation for supplying high-quality granny flat kits. You can also ask to see some projects they have handled in the past to determine whether they can deliver your project on time.

Timeliness in service delivery is also a critical factor here. Setting up granny flats will alter the look of your backyard, and you need to get it back in shape faster.

When putting up your granny flats, you need to consult with the planning and building departments. The local planning department will insist on checking factors such as overlays and boundaries, while the building department will be focusing on the strength of your structure. Ensure that you obtain permits before embarking on your project, and follow the relevant Australian standards.

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