‘Tis the Season to Buy New Appliances… Or Is It?

Closeup photo of a stainless steel appliances in modern residential kitchen with stone counter tops and cherry wood cabinets with hardwood floorsThere are certain times of the year when you get a windfall and plan to spend it on upgrades you think are necessary. As Christmas draws near, you start thinking about bonuses and commissions. You may be lucky to enjoy these, but should they be going to a new appliance bought at full price?

If It’s Not Broke, Why Replace It?

When you get a hefty sum of money, everything around you suddenly feels old. You need a new pair of jeans and a new jacket. The backsplash seems dated, and the stove could use an upgrade. There’s a new model of refrigerator out in your favorite Salt Lake City store, and you want it. But before anything else, have you tried fridge repair? Think of how many appliances you could have maintained or repaired instead of buying a newly released model.

Deals All Year

Sometimes, you do need something new because they’re more energy efficient. If your air conditioner has been in service for over a decade, replacement could be more costly than replacing the whole unit. If this is the case, your next move is not to be an impulsive shopper. Time your purchase right and you’ll get the item you want for a great discount.

When brands have just released a new model, they usually offer discounts on existing models. These are not old, but the brand needs to sell them before they are completely overshadowed by the latest models. Christmas is another great time to buy new items, as sales are everywhere.

Price Comparison

Even if your purchase cannot wait, you can still get a good deal by comparing prices. One way to do this is to call retailers and ask for their prices. Tell them you are comparing several options. According to USA Today, you can get prices significantly lower than published prices if you do this.

Sometimes you need to buy new items, but sometimes your money can be spent on better things. Be a smart consumer.

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