The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Maintaining Antique Furniture

Antique Chair and TableHaving antique pieces of furniture in your home adds an interesting warmth to a certain room. In fact, certain pieces like a Jindrich Halabaala furniture is a great addition to your home’s overall look. However, as Authentic Provence reminds, it does need some caring because of its age. Here are a few pieces of advice you may want to consider when taking care of your antique furniture:

Protect from weather

Exposure to heat, moisture, and even the sun can cause damage to your furniture. You may want to keep it inside your house so you can protect it from the harmful effects of the environment. You may also want to avoid placing it near air conditioning vents, fireplaces, and even radiators. Also, using a humidifier or dehumidifier can help regulate the humidity inside the room.

Protect it from pests

Other factors, which may have an effect on your antique’s condition, are pests and other insects. Certain insects such as termites and powderpost beetles can create holes inside the wood, which can ultimately damage the furniture’s overall look. Cockroaches can also damage it by feeding on the body oils, dirt, and grease that has accumulated on its surface over the years. You may want to check it regularly from any sign of damage before it gets worse.

Regular cleaning and polishing

You may want to clean the furniture regularly to maintain its looks. Using a high-quality furniture paste wax is highly advisable since it protects the furniture from moisture and dust. On the other hand, you may want to avoid silicone based polishes to prevent the silicone from penetrating the finish.

Maintaining your antique pieces of furniture is a great way to maintain its classic look. You may want to look at the Internet or even ask a few antique collectors you know to get more tips on how to maintain your treasured furniture.

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