The Top 3 Myths About Water Damage Debunked

Water Damage in UtahMany myths surround household water damage in Utah — or anywhere else in the U.S. for that matter. Like common rumors, many do not know the truth or have any evidence behind them. Here are three good examples of such misconceptions.

Myth #1: The first company you should call is your insurance company.

Most people think that the first thing they should do when dealing with water damage is to call their insurance company. Although it is important to notify your home insurance company, the first service you should actually call is a reliable company offering water damage restoration services, says aaarestoration.orgRemember that filing claims may take time. Start the remediation process as soon as possible instead.

Myth #2: Restoration equipment are available for rent, so you can do the process yourself.

Companies many rent out equipment for water damage restoration, but this does not mean that you should do it. This process is a complex and labor-extensive task and it requires not only physical effort, but also extensive knowledge. The use of the equipment itself needs prior knowledge, and the slightest mistake can do more damage than good.

Myth #3: You can wash your sewage-back-up-damaged carpets.

Not only does this sound unappealing and disgusting, it can also cause health hazards. Keep in mind that sewage contains contaminants, and many of these carry disease-causing bacteria. Although you should dispose of household materials touched or affected by sewage, expert restorers can still save some of them, depending on the extent of the damage.

Always keep in mind that water damage can seriously cause a dent in your wallet and even make your home unlivable. So call the right people for the job as soon as you possibly can.

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