The Room Is the View: Styling a Space to Increase Your Home’s Value

Interior DesignStyling your space is different from styling a space you intend to put up for sale. When you want to make your home appealing to potential buyers, keep in mind that there is a fine line between sticking to interior design trends and making sure that your home’s market value increases.

So, what the ways to style your space to not only make it look appealing but also increase its value?

Mix Function with Good Form

Nowadays, home buyers are more concerned about functionality than fashion, so any additions you plan to get for the property should have a practical use. This doesn’t mean you should opt for boring, plain pieces, however. There are plenty of ways to showcase style without compromising function. Sleek glass walls, for example, can reduce glare and noise, depending on the glass quality.

Use What You Have

Often, remodeling costs owners more than the difference after the sale of the property. So, a few changes to already-existing infrastructure in your home could be a smart, cost-efficient way of significantly increase its value. Just Patios suggests glass enclosures that match the home’s exterior to add a sophisticated, classy look to an already established aesthetic.

Sweat the Small Stuff

The little things truly shine, especially when it comes to styling and maintaining your home. Repairing leaky faucets and refurbishing counters with new marble or granite could mean a significant difference. Consider replacing your old light fixtures with more energy efficient bulbs as well. Even a simple splash of new paint on the walls could breathe life back into your home and make everything feel new again.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, however. When everything is the same pattern of neutral greys and beige, it can get boring and monotonous. Inject some personality to the house by adding pieces that let the space’s style shine through and create a great impression on prospective buyers.

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