The Right Way to Add Color to Your Outdoor Space

a backyardColor is a natural aesthetic element in outdoor spaces. But the question is does it exude the right kind of aesthetics? A lot of times, even if there’s greenery and pops of color from flowers in patios and backyards, the space still looks drab. That’s because the right mix of colors doesn’t just happen. You have to make it happen.

Remember that the hues you choose will have a great difference not just on the area’s visual appeal, but also on the atmosphere and vibe of the space.

In the Mood for Colors

A specific color palette is what you need to transform your yard. You could go for your favorite colors right away, but it’s best to start with how you want your outdoor space to feel like. Do you want to set the atmosphere for comfort and coziness? Or is it more on the vibe of sophistication?

In comfort and coziness, interior designers use blue and green, incorporating water features with neatly arranged foliage. When it comes to sophistication, experts use black and white color palettes, using sheer drapes and fabrics hanging in metal pergolas, with a black aluminum fence from manufacturers like as the backdrop. Start with the feel you want to create, so that from there, you can be more strategic in picking colors.

Importance of Visual Variety

Now that you’ve chosen the primary colors that match with the mood you want to create, play around those hues. The problem with sticking strictly to your primary hues is that the space might look monotonous. Achieving visual variety in the space is important. The key here is to go for different color shades.

Take for example the blue color. There are different hues in the blue color family, such as gray blue, turquoise, teal, cerulean, cyan, etc. You can choose at most three variations of blue to incorporate into your furniture, decor, and linens used in the outdoor space. This will create more visual interest, as you match these with different patterns and textures as well.

Remember, colors make or break the visual appeal of your outdoor space, which greatly affect the atmosphere in that place. So, put more thought into picking colors for your yard.

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