The Perfect Time to Buy Appliances

couple buying domestic refrigeratorWhen looking for deals on appliances, timing is key. Generally speaking, the ideal time to purchase appliances is when shops need your business more than you actually need to buy an appliance. This way, you could get more bang for your buck.

Specific Days to Buy Appliances

  • Major Holidays – This includes Memorial Day, Labor Day, Black Friday, Saturday, and Thursdays as these days take advantage of people’s day off from work, so they reduce their prices significantly.
  • Last week of the month because most shops need to meet their quotas, so they offer lower prices.
  • Thursdays, which is usually a slow day so the stores won’t be as crowded.
  • Winter and fall are the ideal seasons to purchase gas grills and air conditioners since only a few buyers buy appliances during seasons, so these appliances are usually on sale.

Before Your Appliance Breaks Down

If you notice that your appliance isn’t efficient as it used to be and have called a professional to check it out, but then found out that it can’t be repaired anymore, purchase a new one ASAP before it breaks down on you, recommends an experienced appliance repair professional at Best Home Appliance in West Valley.

After New Releases

As with the majority of products, not just appliances, prices on older models drop following the release of new models that come packed with the latest features. Manufacturers usually introduce new appliance models at the start of the year, but some introduce new models at the end of the year in time for the holiday season.

Ways to Save More Money

While timing is very crucial, it’s not everything. Before buying an appliance, don’t hesitate to negotiate prices. Start with asking if the price offered is the set price and go from there, you’ll never know until you ask right? Likewise, consider applying for a credit card with the store if they offer significant discounts for their items.

Some stores sell slightly flawed or used appliances at heavily discounted prices. If this is something that you might be interested in, have an experienced appliance repair expert help you out to determine whether or not a particular appliance is worth buying.

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