The Organic Trend Continues—Straight Into Your Bedroom

White Bed Sheets and Pillows

White Bed Sheets and PillowsThe market for organic products has been setting records in recent years. According to the Organic Trade Association, sales of organic goods soared to $49.4 billion in 2017. These range from organic food to organic hygiene products. What’s more, organic fabrics have become more popular in recent years.

And, one of the most recent applications of organic fabric is organic bed sheets, particularly ones made from bamboo fibers.

Why Organic Beddings Are Better

Bamboo fiber exhibits bacteria-inhibiting property. As such, scientists have even studied the use of bamboo textiles in surgical robes, face masks, and caps. Results revealed that fabrics made from 100% bamboo fibers can reduce effectively reduce bacterial growth effectively. This property is invaluable in preventing dust mite infestation on your bed.

Another quality of the best organic bamboo sheets, according to Cozy Earth, is the superior comfort and breathability they offer. Bamboo bed sheets and blankets are softer to the touch, even more so than cotton. Bamboo textile is also naturally breathable in that it wicks moisture away from the body.

Aside from these advantages, organic bamboo bed sheets are more durable than other materials. They’re made by stretching bamboo across the entire length of a sheet rather than interweaving shorter fibers. Thus, bamboo bed sheets last longer as they are not prone to fraying.

But, the most important reason organic bed sheets are better than synthetic ones is the absence of chemical treatment on them. Most synthetic fibers are treated with harsh chemicals that leach into your skin and can cause skin irritation. Since you spend one-third of your life in bed, it’s better to choose a surface that’s not only comfortable but also safe.

Organics Are Here To Stay

The rise of organic products started years ago. And, though organics seemed like a fad at the start, their continuous development and steady rise in sales prove that these products are here to stay. So, whether it’s food or your bed sheet, it pays to invest in top-quality, healthful organic materials.

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