The Negative Effects of Clogged Drains

Clogged DrainsThe role of drainage is to ensure there is a smooth flow of water through it whenever it is in use, and all areas with drains should be maintained in this condition. However, drains may get clogged. And if the situation is not dealt with immediately, this can become a health hazard as well as a risk of structural damage.

Some of the negative effects of blocked drains include:

Foul smell

This is perhaps one of the most common negative effects in the aftermath of a blocked drain that can easily be picked out when drains are clogged. Sewer gases creep into the building and the environment around is affected also making these areas totally inhabitable. When this happens, it will be wise to seek the help of drain cleaning experts who will clear the mess as well as unclog drains to allow water to flow freely once again.

Stagnant water

This is another situation that is unavoidable whenever a drain gets clogged. A house with stagnant waters can be a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, pests, and other insects. These are a threat to health since they carry diseases and germs that may affect anyone that comes into contact with them.


Water from blocked drains can sip into the corners and foundations of buildings leaving them prone to collapsing. When floorboards get into contact with such water, they are susceptible to warping and walls of affected structures can suffer discoloration and stains too.


When left unattended for an extended period of time, areas with clogged drains can easily get flooded making them inaccessible. Eventually, activities within and around such buildings will either be slowed down or will end up stalled.

Clogged drains have far-reaching effects on your family and the environment around you. Know what you must do.

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