The Efficient Space: Promoting a Universal Kitchen Design

Kitchen DesignOne great way to make your kitchen safe, accessible, and comfortable for everyone is to adopt the principles of universal design. Outfitting the area with the right design elements can make cooking or food preparation a lot more convenient. This can be the ideal layout for your kitchen, as it can make the space useful and efficient for everybody. Here are some ways to adopt a universal design:

The Right Surface

As the goal of universal kitchen design is to promote convenience in the space, be sure to choose your countertops wisely. Sold surfaces like laminate and granite are a good choice, mainly because they are easy to clean and maintain, and can stand up to normal wear and tear. Check granite countertops cost from different suppliers to get a good deal.

Adequate Lighting

Lighting is one key element to ensure kitchen safety. Make sure that the area have at least one large window to let some sunlight enter the area and have views of the outdoors. You can also use artificial light sources like task lighting installed above work zones or the kitchen island. Painting the area with a light color can help illuminate the space, as well.

Comfortable Floors

Make moving throughout the space safe for everyone with comfortable, slip-resistant flooring. Cork is one great choice, as it is fire-resistant and provides a comfy cushion underfoot. You may also want to consider linoleum flooring for its biodegradability and anti-bacterial properties.

Kitchen Shelving

Open shelving promotes accessibility, especially when finding ingredients or cooking items. Just make sure to arrange tools and utensils accordingly to easily spot the items you need. If you’re not a fan of this design, you can try glass-front cabinetries. They make the kitchen feel more open and give the space more structure.

Embrace the principles of universal kitchen design to promote safety, functionality, and accessibility. Make sure to work with a reliable contractor and choose quality materials to get the results you want.

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