The Benefits of Water Play from Backyard to Boating

Kid playing with water

Kid playing with waterOne or two generations ago, parents encouraged their children to play in streams, puddles, and even the rain. With the increasing pollution problem, water play is now mostly experienced within the confines of available spaces. However, this should not stop you from introducing your children to the ocean through boating. After all, it has great benefits for kids:

Healthy Environment

Imagine breathing clean sea air, the sun giving ample Vitamin D, and Mother Nature’s beauty all around. Though pollution is still a concern, you and your children can still enjoy the sea air and water as long as the tide is high and the sun is not blazing hot. Another option is to put up a boat deck where you can add your family and boat’s safety and comfort. Don’t forget your sunscreen and safety guidelines for everyone to follow.

Physical and Mental Development

Upon arriving on one of the marinas or boat decks in Rockport, your children’s insatiable curiosity and blooming senses will be inundated with the sights and sounds of the sea, which inspires wonder, creativity, and imagination. The feel and play of water also improve hand-eye coordination. Simply wading and running around in the water can already add to your child’s body strength and confidence.

Stronger Social Bonds

Playing with other children in the water can improve your kids’ social and communication skills. If done with the family, not only will your child’s bond with you grow, you’re also improving their self- worth and confidence. Water play, in whatever form, if done with both friends and family can also result in lasting and positive memories, which can affect their adulthood in the future.

Owning a boat and deck may be seen as a luxury by many. However, your children are both precious and priceless. And if boating can be the best way for your kids to safely experience and maximize water play, you can consider owning a boat a worthy investment.


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