The 8 Architectural Styles in Utah

Modern homeAmong other things, civilizations and neighborhoods define themselves through their façade. The style of the concurrent era’s houses and buildings, exemplified by architecture, dictates their culture.

Take, for instance, how there are front doors with vibrant colors for sale in Utah. This has been among the latest trends – the use of bright and bold colors for its impact on homeowners.

Throughout the history of the state, though, there have been eight architectural styles that flourished.


From 1847 to 1890, the Pioneer style bases itself on early Greek, Roman, and English styled houses – a projection of wealth and esteemed social standing. The style, which had begun in colonial America, lasted until the mid-nineteenth century. Mormon settlers brought this style to Utah, taking form in smaller and simpler versions.


From 1880 to 1910, the Victorian style came to be. It replaced the Pioneer styles for its natural and honest look. And in the late nineteenth century, Utah’s economic and population growth coincided with the Victorian style’s popularity. Its focus on the textures and shapes exhibited a prolific level of craftsmanship.

Early Twentieth Century

The simple and informal common style in the early twentieth century period lasted from 1900 to 1925. By the twentieth century, the Victorian era became old-fashioned to look at. The style of houses during the early twentieth century took to less ornamentation. And with the growing communities in Utah’s Wasatch Front, lots and houses became smaller in order to accommodate its people.

Period Revival

The Period Revival Period, from 1910 to 1955, showcased the Revival of Colonial homes, Tudor cottages, English Tudor, and Neoclassical houses. It generally refers to a variety of historically-based styles. In Utah and across the U.S., nationalism spread after World War I, and it manifested in these classical architectural styles.

Early Modern

The Early Modern Period came in 1930 and lasted until 1955. This concept of “modern” architecture first appeared in a skyscraper designing competition. The style didn’t gain large ground in Utah, but there are a few houses of International, Art Deco, and Art Modern architecture situated in between more traditional-looking neighborhoods.

Post-War Modern

Lastly, during the Post-War Modern Period which lasted from 1949 to 1970, modernism began to influence traditional homes. Residential architectural design, in particular, combined modernism with historical allusion. The houses built during and after World War II were small and exhibited minimalist designs for practical reasons.

Today, the architecture in Utah espouses a variety of styles. You can now see the incorporating of history’s traditional and modernist homes, which are the smaller homes of eclectic architecture.

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