Tankless Water Heater: Signs It Needs Repair

Man checking the water heater switchImagine not having access to hot water in the middle of winter. It would not only be inconvenient, but it would also be practically impossible to function. Watch out for signs your water heater needs repair. It can help you prevent this unfortunate situation.

Call a professional in Denver, CO, to fix your tankless water heater once you spot these tell-tale signs:

Change in water temperature

If the water coming out of your faucet is cold or is hotter than usual, then it is one of the most basic signs that there is something wrong with your system. When the water comes out cold even with the heater on, it could mean that your machine is not running well or is not running at all.

Low water pressure

Low pressure originates from the pipes. Once you determine that it is not the case (you can easily know this by checking with your water meter), then you should get your tankless water heater inspected.

Rusty or dirty water

The taste, consistency, smell and color of your water are not supposed to be rusty. If this is the case, something could be wrong with the pipes it flows through, or from the source itself.

An old tankless water heater that was also not well-maintained can give off dirty or rusty water and should, therefore, be immediately replaced.

If it is old

You can use a high-quality water heater for at most a decade. It can go beyond that depending on your maintenance and usage. But, if you think you have exhausted the lifespan of your tankless water heater, then shopping for a new one should be a priority.

Be an observant homeowner and check for these signs to make sure that you can easily access hot water in your home regardless of the season.

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