Taking a Fence: 4 Types of Fences for Homeowners

Wooden Fence Outdoors

Wooden Fence OutdoorsPeople nowadays want to build walls, but not every place needs one. Oftentimes, a fence can do the job. Fences have been around for years as a barrier, protecting homes, farms, and establishments from intruders. There are many materials used for fences, depending on your preferred style or look.

Here’s a closer look at some fence types commonly used today.

1. Wood Fences

Fence expert United Fence Company explains that wooden fences are ideal for owners who want a look that reminds them of old times, but a material that is as sturdy as modern ones. Wood fences can be painted and cut according to the owner’s desired shade and shape.

The wood could undergo varnishing to protect it from the elements.

2. Chain Link Fences

For owners who live in areas prone to hurricanes, chain link fences are perfect for them. These fences are composed of wires instead of flat surfaces that could get bombarded by winds. The steel material of the wires makes this fence as durable as other types.

3. Ornamental Iron Fences

Both residential and commercial property owners could opt for ornamental iron fences. These fences comprise a series of metal bars that are upright and then coated in a substance to protect against the elements.

The tips of the metal bars could be ornamented or made more attractive by adding certain designs to them.

4. Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences are the white fences usually seen in movies and TV shows as props. This use attests to how aesthetically-pleasing vinyl fences are. Their strength is no joke though because they could last as long as other fence types.

In summary, fences are what homemakers and business owners use to fortify the security of their property. There are options when it comes to choosing one, including wood, chain link, ornamental iron, or vinyl. Indeed, taking a fence to be put in your premises will protect it from intruders.

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