Spring Cleaning Essentials for Your Home

air duct being cleanedSpring cleaning is not just a Pinterest fad. It’s not about organizing the house to fit people’s notion of what’s beautiful and in. You need to spring-clean to remove things that may be harmful to the family or are just taking up space.

These tasks should be part of your spring cleaning checklist:

Air Duct Maintenance

Those who suffer from pollen allergies have it worst in spring. This pollen could easily accumulate in air ducts, carried by people who come and go around the house. You don’t want to compromise anyone’s health, so get to air duct cleaning in MN as soon as you can. This also improves the quality of indoor air the family enjoys, so that spring will not be an annoying time of the year for you. Instead, it will be fun, just as it should be.

Appliance Repair

Appliances have had to work through harsh temperatures in winter. Your heating system may be due for maintenance. The fridge and air conditioner should also be checked for any damage caused by changing settings. Now that temperatures are getting warmer, you’ll want to keep these appliances functional and reliable the whole time. Defrost and clean the fridge regularly, and replace the AC’s air filters to lessen the chances of transporting bacteria and debris around the house.

Wardrobe Update

It’s not just the house that needs to prepare for spring. Your wardrobe could do with a bit of organizing, as well. This is so you have easier access to more comfortable clothes for warmer seasons. In winter, you’ve relied heavily on thick garments, but now you want breathable materials. If you’re trying to save space, store your thick winter clothes in boxes so only your spring and summer outfits will occupy closet space.

It’s time to get started on your spring cleaning checklist. Focus on the tasks that make a big difference first.

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