Spiders: The Most Bothersome Pest in Utah to Look Out For

The Most Bothersome Pest in UtahA number of studies claim spiders are the most annoying house pests in Utah. The problem is, many people have spider phobias. While this insect is one of the most effective garden predators to easily get rid of destructive insects, they can grow in numbers quickly and may cause discomfort in your home. 

Spiders are mostly harmless

If someone in your home has arachnophobia or the irrational psychological fear of spiders, you would have to initiate pest control measures immediately. In most instances, the eight-legged arachnids are harmless. They do not spread diseases. They do not attack humans. They proliferate in dry crawl spaces, woodpiles, and hay bales.

Spider populations can increase significantly if there is no predator to check their numbers. This is when they become a problem. Most spiders do not pose a threat to humans, except for the funnel web spider and the black widow spider.

The hobo spider or aggressive house spider is a large kind of funnel web arachnid, which pose a danger to humans because they bite at the slightest provocation. If someone in your family is bitten you should bring them to a doctor for treatment immediately. The female black widow might bite when it perceives a threat to the egg sac. Children and the elderly should be treated immediately after a black widow bite.

Annoying pest

Most houses and businesses consider spiders a nuisance pest, says Other homeowners tolerate their presence because they feed on harmful bugs, flies, and mosquitoes. In North America, there are more than 3,700 species of spiders. They invade homes searching for shelter, warmth, and food. The most bothersome thing about spiders is the web they weave, which give the impression that the environment is unsanitary. Because of the stigma associated with spider webs, many household owners will not tolerate their presence.

When you see these critters crawling about everywhere, perhaps it is time for a comprehensive pest control service. Don't hesitate to get some professional help to deal with this pest problem. 

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