Sow the Seeds: 3 Steps to Introducing Your Kids to Gardening

Gardening tools and flowers

Gardening tools and flowersAside from the fact that it’s fun, gardening is good for the body and mind. It’s the perfect activity for improving children’s well-being. It strengthens bones and muscles, improves flexibility, and simply makes them eat healthily.

If you’re looking for an outdoor activity that will effectively improve your children’s physical and mental health, look no further than gardening. Here are some tips to help you introduce this art to them:

1. Engage Them From the Start

Remember that you’re not creating a garden for the kids—you’re creating a garden with them. Let them participate in all the activities prior to the actual caring of the plants. If you’ll be choosing from geodesic dome greenhouse kits for sale, for instance, ask for their opinions and educate them why you’re doing this, suggests Growing Spaces. The same principle applies to which plants you want your garden to have.
Discuss your goals for the garden you’ll be building, so they can share with you as well how they can participate in your project. When kids are involved right from the beginning, they will better appreciate the fruits of their labor later.

2. Let Them Explore

The great thing about gardening is it allows kids to explore their senses and the nature that’s in front of them. The unfortunate thing about it is a lot of parents sometimes restrain their kids because it’s a little too messy. Gardening is messy, but in the long run, it’s beneficial for health.
A lot of scientists believe in the theory that exposure to germs in early childhood can protect kids from diseases later on in life—an immunity of some sort. So, don’t keep your kids from working on too much mud. Rather, encourage them to explore it.

3. Feast with the Fruits of Their Labor

It’s important that kids see the products of their hard work. So, dedicate a time where you’ll have a mini picnic in your backyard, with food prepared with ingredients from your garden. To make this exciting, ask kids to mix and match vegetables and fruits for a meal. Because they’re the ones who picked ingredients, chances are they will finish their plates, and therefore eat healthily.

Gardening is a good fitness, brain-boosting activity. Cultivate healthy habits in your children by letting them learn this art.

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