South of Manila: The Next Outsourcing Hub

high rise offices of fort bonifacio business districtSince the early 2000s, outsourcing companies have been flourishing in many National Capital Region (NCR) cities like Pasig, Makati, and Taguig. This has brought an influx of employees to these parts of the metro. As a result, the NCR has become more polluted and overcrowded. The government, through its Next Wave Cities Program, aims to bring employees from urban cities to the rural landscape.

The real estate industry has begun to develop residential areas in the south of Manila. In this area, some websites like have a listing (with reviews included) of housing potentials where employees may live.

Manila as the Worst Place in Southeast Asia

According to a survey by a travel magazine, Manila has been touted as the worst place to travel in the region. Citing the PH capital as polluted, has a deficient infrastructure, and overcrowded — these are the main reasons Manila is said to be the worst place in Southeast Asia.

To make it worse, 24% of Filipino families living in Manila have rated themselves as poor in an SWS survey taken last 2014. To rate their quality of living like this shouldn’t happen in the first place.

From Urban to Rural Migration

Despite the self-rated survey, Filipino minimum wage earners can still buy their own home. This is possible through several subsidized programs by government agencies. Some programs of such agencies have a maximum repayment period of up to 30 years.

To address the housing backlog, alternative destinations in the Philippines are being developed as the Next Wave Cities Program or the next outsourcing ICT (information and communications technology) and HIM (health information management) hubs. This is to enable the migration from NCR to the provinces. Some of these areas in the south of Manila are Metro Cavite and Metro Laguna.

Our country may be relatively small compared to others. However, with our fluency in English, patient attitude, and exceptionally good skills from ICT to HIM, it is no wonder the Philippines has remained as one of the top alternative investment destinations in the world.

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