Signs That Show It’s Time To Replace Your Furnace

Professional staff fixing furnaceDuring winter, you expect your furnace to work non-stop, keeping your home warm and comfortable. The worst thing that can happen is for it to break down or malfunction at that moment when you need it the most.

While you could always have it repaired, sometimes the best decision is to replace the furnace altogether. In Utah, furnace replacement is not as hard as you might think. Many companies can do this, All Hours Plumbing and HVAC is an example.

It can come out cheaper than you expect. But, when do you know it is time to replace your furnace?

Frequent Breakdowns

If frequent breakdowns happen to your furnace, it might be time to replace it. Furnaces are meant to last long, sometimes even up to 25 years.

However, if your furnace acts up quite frequently despite regular maintenance, or at least more than once in a year, then you should get a replacement. The last thing you want is to worry whether your furnace is going to work or not when you need it most.

Mounting Repair Costs

Frequent breakdowns also translate to frequent repairs. Having a furnace repaired more than twice a year can drain the pocket. If your repair costs equals a third of the price of getting a new one, then better get a replacement instead.

Furnace Age

With regular maintenance, a furnace can be good for about 20–25 years. While this is not a strict number, it is a good gauge of when a replacement is in order.

You could find out the manufacturer’s suggested duration of functionality on a tag left on the machine. You should probably think of replacing the furnace a few years before the recommended duration ends.

There are other signs when a furnace needs replacement, but these are the major ones that will tell you when something is up. If in doubt, call a trusted HVAC professional to assess whether you just need proper maintenance or a complete overhaul of your heating system.

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