Should You Call a Handyman or a Contractor?

A handyman workingWhen something breaks in your home, your first instinct would be to try to fix it. But unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a handyman gene. Therefore, when things go wrong and you know you can’t fix it, it would be wiser to seek professional help.

Finding a contractor or a handyman is not hard. The question is which among the two should you call for help? Below are a description and a list of tasks of both professionals to help you know which between the two of them to call during a time of need.

Tasks of a handyman

A handyman has his title because he is known to be a Jack-of-all-trades. Whether you have problems with your interiors or exteriors, he can help you solve the problem. However, it is important to note that there is no standard or authorizing body that can attest to the legitimacy of a handyman. Some states require a license to operate while others do not.

Hire handymen only from reputable agencies such as Golden Years Handyman Services. You can easily find them online, offline, and through referrals. When should you call them? If you have a problem at home that you think you can fix like replacing a dishwasher, cleaning your air conditioning filter or repairing a chipped wall, but is afraid to screw things up, then it’s best to call a handyman.

Tasks of a contractor

A contractor can also help you in fixing your house. The only difference is that a contractor is licensed and specializes in certain skills, usually in plumbing and electricity. So, if you are sure that your home’s sewage system or pipeline is not working well, then calling a contractor to help you fix it would be more reasonable.

Now that you know the difference between the two, it would be easier to know which professional to call the next time there is some fixing needed in your home.

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