Safety in Cleaning: Preparing Your Home For Pressure Washing

Pressure WashContaminants that cling to the exterior walls of your house like mold, dust, and algae make your house look old and unappealing. Pressure washing addresses this problem by blasting away contaminants with a high-powered jet of water. However, it’s important to take precautions against property damage and human injuries if you’re going to power wash your home.

Turn Off and Move or Cover All Electrical Appliances

Water and electricity don’t go well together so it’s critical to turn them off before cleaning. If possible, move them away from the cleaning area to minimize any risk of damage. To protect immovable electrical systems like the satellite antenna, use a sturdy, waterproof plastic cover to keep it dry.

Keep Children and Pets Away

The high pressure jet stream used to power wash your property can cut like a knife and cause significant injuries to a person or animal. Children and pets should stay inside the house, away from the doors and windows, until the cleaning process is complete.

Move All Brittle Plants Away

While water is good for plants, they cannot survive when struck by a powerful jet of water. Relocate any flower pots and other portable plants away from the cleaning area. If this is not possible, ask the cleaning specialist to point the nozzle away from them or cover them with a waterproof plastic shield.

Close All Windows

A tightly shut window ensures that the framework can withstand the water pressure. It also prevents the water from seeping inside the house and causing interior water damage.

Avoid Any Water-Related Activities

During the entire house cleaning process, refrain from performing any activities that consume water, such as taking the shower or washing the dishes. Any interference with the water flow can affect water pressure and make house washing less effective.

These pointers can get your home ready for pressure cleaning and minimize the risk of damage to your property and possessions, as well as injury to your loved ones. Although pressure washing is tough on exterior stains, it shouldn’t be a cause for concern as long as you take precautionary measures.

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