Roofs, Walls, Parapets: Why You Should Never Overlook Them

Home Maintenance The largest, immovable component of any house is the roof. And because it sits outside, the sun’s UV rays directly reach it and so does other environmental elements. Because of this, manufacturing companies continue to innovate what they have to offer so they can deliver the best, most durable, yet cost-effective and aesthetic products.

This does not mean though that you should not do anything to further strengthen and reinforce your roof. There is one part of this component you should not overlook: the parapet.

A 101 on parapets

Parapets have multiple functions. The one you should focus on is their property to avert roof edge blow off. Since you can have them designed in a wide array of shapes, parapet builders can create them in such a way that they will divert air flow upwards, over and away from the edge of your roof. They also serve as a sturdy and solid termination point for flashings and roof edges.

Other than these critical roles, many homeowners also take advantage of parapets so they can create a preferred addition to their home’s exterior while also hiding rooftop equipment such as HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems.

The main issue with parapets

On the other hand, parapets can also cause problems, especially when left ill-maintained or bare. Again, since they sit outside, all external elements, particularly inclement weather, always assault them. Failure to take good care of them can result in damages such as leaks, which paves the way for excessive indoor moisture. This can then lead to water damage inside your home.

An expert from Contour says there are plenty of ways to protect your home’s parapets. One of these is through the application of aluminium parapet coping systems, which serve as a layer of protection for these components of your home.

You want to keep your home as liveable, comfortable, and safe for you and your loved ones, so put these things on your priority list to avoid problems such as water damage and mould growth.

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