Rising with Wood Stair Treads

modern wooden staircase

modern wooden staircaseFinishing the staircase with wood stair treads could produce beauty and elegance in a home. Quality made stairs should not only be designed to please the eyes, experts at Ackworth House say it should also combine modern aesthetics with practical functions. However, the wood stair treads have two types, Full Treads and False Tread End Caps with a running carpet.

What are Full Treads and False Tread End Caps?

Full treads are the original wood stair treads while the false tread end caps are made from the synthetic material but made to look exactly as solid treads with a carpet runner. They usually are placed on either one side or both sides and with a carpet runner between the two caps. While full treads are real and one can feel them while walking on them, the substitute or copy is equally good and at a much lower price.

Different Timber Species Used on Wood Stair Treads

Different wood species would have different patterned designs. That is the beauty of this species and especially the hardwood species. Some of the woods that one could use for wood stair treads are Blackbutt, Tallowwood, Grey Ironbark, Sidney Grey Gum, Blue Gum, Red Bloodwood, Spotted Gum, Red Mahogany. Using hardwood timber on wood stair treads is critical for durability. Most of the stairs get much traffic and therefore for safety measures it is better to use hardwood timber on them.

Wood Stair Treads Sizes

There are standardised sizes of wood used to make wood stairs treads. However, one could make a special request of different size depending on the size of their staircase.

  • Width   –          250mm, 270mm, and 285mm
  • Thickness        –           30mm, 40mm, 50mm, and 60mm

The beautiful natural timber designs for the stairs would not be complete without an equally appealing finishing. Some of these finishing forms multiple patterns which create more pleasing patterns. Apart from elegance, wood stair tread is safe since they are not slippery and they durable.

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