Resist the Fade: Maintaining Exterior Paints

Close-up of man's hand peeling a green paint on the old chairNobody wants to live in a run-down battered house. A coat of paint on your home’s exterior gives it an instant glamorous facelift. Frequent exterior painting is also crucial in maintaining your home.

Even after getting the best professional exterior painters, you still have to worry about the colour retention of your paint. Fading is typically the first indication of paint degradation. Though all paint fades over time, there are some factors in a can of paint which affect its colour retention. Here are these factors.

Quality and Amount of Binder

Paint binder ‘binds’ pigments and provides adhesion and integrity. Quality latex paints have better resistance to chalking compared to alkyd and oil-based paints. They also tend not to yellow even when exposed to direct sunlight. Oil-based paints manufactured explicitly for metal have low fade resistance because they are manufactured with weak binders in low quantities.

Type of Colour Pigments

The prime pigment gives colour, but there are some that can add to a paint’s bulk. Organic colour pigments produce bright colours while inorganic pigments have more muted tones. Organic colour pigments are manufactured from several chemical compounds. These pigments are more prone to fading when exposed to ultraviolet radiation compared to inorganic pigments. Inorganic pigments are typically based on metal oxides.

Type of Extender Pigment

Extender pigments are added to paints to improve its properties. These include calcium sulphate, diatomaceous silica and calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate and diatomaceous silica have excellent fade resistance.

Depending on your climatic conditions, paint should last for about five years without fading. The expertise of your painter also plays a role in the colour resistance of your exterior paint. Proper surface preparation is essential for maximum fade resistance. You should also establish a regular maintenance program to keep your paint looking fresh.

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