Research Recommends Starting Home Upgrades in November to Save Money

Man and Woman Renovating HouseNovember may be a better time to renovate your home in Canada if you wish to save money, according to a new research.

Most Canadians usually embark on home renovations during the spring, mainly because of the favorable weather. While snow or icy weather in November makes some projects undesirable, small indoor repairs and upgrades could still be viable.

Minor Upgrades

Some small projects include replacing garage door parts. In London, Ontario, for instance, you can spend the money you save on a major renovation later on by starting as early as November. The research claimed that homeowners might be able to negotiate better prices from contractors during such period.

When demand slightly falls, contractors are more likely to give in to your desired costs. Short-term business inactivity normally occurs between November and December as well, since most builders want to finish projects in the middle of the former. As such, some companies are willing to take on work even if it means offering their products or services at a lower price.

Retail Sales

November also marks the time that retailers begin to flaunt early holiday sales. During this time, it may be easier to find discounts on appliances, electronics and other household essentials. Online shopping will be more common, as it allows you to buy items without having to step outside in the cold.

A survey showed that online retail would account for 38% of holiday spending among Canadians in 2017. Tom Quinn, a Deloitte national retail analyst, said that more retailers have recognized the importance of investing in online platforms due to a shift in consumer trends in the last five years.

It makes sense to start some home renovation projects in November, as it gives you more time to plan for major upgrades in the coming spring.

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