Putting up a B&B: The Must-Do’s

A traveler staying at a hotelDo you have extra rooms you are not occupying? Do you have a knack for putting people at ease? Do you enjoy entertaining guests in your home? If yes, you can start a bed and breakfast or B&B. You can turn your idle land across the beach in Perth into a B&B.

You can also have a pool with a solar heating system installed next to your B&B as an additional service facility for guests, or collaborate with an agency for unique trips such as beach tours.

Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Create a cash flow forecast

If your B&B will be located near the beach, be sure to project higher income during the summer vacations and holidays, and lower income during the rest of the months. Also, take note of the expenses. Utility expenses during the summer are generally higher as air-conditioning is usually turned on.

Also, there is more consumption of water because of the heat. Also, make sure to note taxes in your area as well as insurance and amortisation fees for your B&B.

List your services

Be sure to list your would-be services. If you envision your B&B to host local tours, you can create packages that include accommodation along with other travel activities. Make sure that you request the rates of nearby restaurants or tourist destinations when doing so.

Include an unforgettable breakfast

A B&B would not be so if there were no breakfast. Nothing beats good food and good company. Be sure to include a selection of scrumptious and filling meal for your guests. During breakfast, the hosts can also regale guests with stories on local urban legends or folklore.

While these tips are very important in putting up a B&B, perhaps the most important is to be guest-cantered. The guest is the most important element of your business. Most of them will appreciate it when the specifics of their preferences are prepared beforehand. And they will come back to your B&B.

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