Pruning vs. Lopping: Getting Tree Care Terminology Right

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Tree Care in Australia You should entrust tree care and maintenance only to skilled and licenced arborists. If someone who volunteers to remove a few branches from your tree because they can wield a hatchet or operate a chainsaw, think twice before hiring them for the job.

Whom should you hire and trust? Today, arborists are concerned people are not fully aware of the difference between tree loppers Perth practitioners and licenced professionals who take full responsibility for tree care.

What exactly is pruning? How about tree lopping? Is there a difference between the two? Beaver Tree Services aims to answer these questions and more below.

Good pruning practices for optimal tree growth

In Australia, professional arborists follow specific guidelines for pruning trees. Pruning is an essential element of tree care. It involves removal of weak limbs, cutting off leaves, and ridding the tree of branches that are already dead. They not only assure upkeep of the tree’s appearance. They also facilitate growth and prevent onset of disease. If dead branches are left on the tree, the expansion of the branches may be limited. Lessening the leaf content also optimises tree growth, which makes proper pruning very important indeed.

Lopping and what professional arborists think about it

On one end of the spectrum is careful cutting and thinning. At the other end is tree lopping, which is indiscriminate cutting. The practice is considered by professional tree surgeons as unsafe for trees. Tree lopping usually involves cutting down the entire top and major branches. In the past, this practice was thought to be beneficial to trees. In time, a practice that was intended to lower the risk for branch failure was considered deleterious to a tree’s health. After indiscriminate cutting, the tree may have trouble healing and becomes vulnerable. The tree may die eventually due to decay or diseases. In other instances, pests take over because the tree is unable to recover from the stress.

Proper pruning is helpful to a tree, but indiscriminate cutting only endangers its life. Choose a professional arborist who follows proper practices and Australian standards for tree care and maintenance.

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