Primer on Mold Testing: Your Questions Answered

the rotting of a ceilingBasement flooding and leaky roofs mark the beginning of an even bigger problem. When you start seeing discoloration on the walls after the primary water damage has been dealt with, you must take mold infestation seriously. An extensive organic growth in your home can be dangerous to your family’s health, especially if the species involved is toxic.

Is your home in danger?

Some people respond to mycotoxins—chemicals given off by certain species of mold—with hypersensitivity of the skin or respiratory system. Is your household at risk of exposure to these allergens? Toxic or “black” species of mold, particularly Stachybotrys and Aspergillus, may have more potent and more dangerous effects on people.

Children and the elderly are particularly at risk of developing a potentially serious illness due to exposure to the chemicals produced by molds. Your family may be in danger if you allow black mold to grow and spread to different parts of the house.

How can you determine the level of risk?

Procedures for mold testing in Provo are now available to homes suspected of contamination. Regardless of the type, this organism must be removed. However, it’s better to determine what species is already cohabitating with you. Mold testing may be helpful in this regard. Testing experts must meet certain standards, so you can count on them to determine the extent of the contamination and the dangers associated with it.

What are the methods available?

Testing methods designed to detect molds can determine the presence of particles or spores in the air, on a surface, or in settled dust. A sample taken from your house may contain living and non-living portions. A viable test method may help determine the amount of mold in a sample. The specific type of mold may be identifiable, but not all tests are designed to produce such results.

There may be limitations in current testing methods, but it pays to speak to a mold expert in your community to get the information and service you need. Mold kits are available for DIY enthusiasts as well, but professional intervention is always a better and safer option.

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