Outdoor Living in the Heat of Summer, and the Rest of the Year

Covered PatioSummer is here in Sunshine Coast, Queensland. You can enjoy a multitude of activities and locations in the heat of summer. Do you know you can create the perfect summer getaway right in your backyard?

Create Your Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living can encompass an outdoor kitchen, an entertainment space, or even a simple outdoor bar. It is a space where you can do the things you want to do not only in summer but also for the rest of the year. You can think up ideas of your own to create the perfect outdoor living space in your backyard. Alternately, you can start small with the construction of a patio.


When you construct a patio, you can make it in such a way that maximises the heat of summer but also remains comfortable in the cold of winter. You can choose to create an eco-friendly patio that is the best choice for a year-round outdoor living space. You can start designing the patio with the Sunshine Coast climate in mind.

Shade and Insulation

You can place shade strategically to shield you from the sun’s light any time of day. You can calculate sun angles and consider the direction your patio will face. Besides strategic shading, you can also insulate the patio covering. The insulation can both help with heat or cold.

Carport Extension

While you are at it with your patio, perhaps you can also consider carports for your Sunshine Coast home. A carport can be great in complementing your patio. It can act as a more affordable garage for your vehicle if you don’t already have one. Even if you have a garage already, you can still use a carport as an outdoor living extension.

Construction Considerations

As a builder constructs your carport, you can consider three factors: the construction, the roof, and the material of your carport. When building, you can select between freestanding or attached. For the roof, you can pick among flat, skillion, gable, and raised flyover roofs. In material, you can choose timber and steel.

Are you ready for a fun-filled outdoor living?

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