No, Manufactured and Mobile Homes Aren’t the Same

Mobile Homes in Hammond, LouisianaDuring your daily conversation with your friends in Hammond, Louisiana, you always hear the term “manufactured home” and “mobile home” used interchangeably. But, HUD code and date built say otherwise.

Find out the differences between single wide manufactured homes and single wide mobile homes below explained by Lane Thomas Housing.

Date Built

Despite the differences, manufactured and mobile homes do share a common history, which is probably the root cause of confusion. The dawn of automobile in the 1920s paved the way for the creation of trailers. These were a popular preference for vacationers who wanted to camp on the go.

By the 1930s, families began using “house trailers” as permanent residences even though they rarely use it to travel. Its reputation started to diminish a couple of decades later, which is why they changed the name into mobile homes instead. Years passed and the industry decided to incorporate stricter standards to make sure the structures were qualified enough to live in permanently.

To differentiate the two, people should recognize the date of manufacture. “Mobile homes” are vehicles built before July 15, 1976, while “manufactured homes” are those built after the said date.

HUD Code

Enacted in 1976, the HUD code is the critical point where “mobile homes” and “manufactured homes” separate. This code formed federal standards for the construction of manufactured housing. It basically controls the quality and construction of building a manufactured home. This includes overall quantity, energy efficiency, fire resistance, strength and durability, transportability, and design and construction.

The HUD code was a major step forward in making sure the quality of manufactured housing was at its best. This means that pre-1976 unregulated “mobile homes” were unsafe, while post-1976 regulated “manufactured homes” were designed for safety and durability.

Knowing the key differences between the two housing options reveal the distinctions between them. By using the correct term, you will be avoiding negative connotation associated with mobile homes of the past.

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