No Entrance: Preventing Animals from Getting in Your Basement

Spacious BasementAs most basements are commonly damp and dark, they can easily attract pests, insects, and other animals. This can spell trouble for your home, especially when these critters eat or destroy what you’ve stored in the basement. This makes it important to be aware of the measures you can take to prevent these pests and insects from entering your basement.

Install Window Well Covers

If your basement has windows and window wells, you should also have window well covers. Keep in mind that having your basement windows exposed means that you’re letting anything from the outside reach your window and enter your basement. This is especially true if there are holes, cracks and openings in the window.
Window well cover providers in Denver like Liberty Home Products also note that basement windows are likely to deteriorate quickly, as they tend to get a lot beating from rain or water falling down from the roof. Installing the right covers can protect them and extend their lifespan.

Seal Up Cracks and Holes

Thoroughly inspect your windows, doors, and any other areas connected to your basement. Look for cracks and holes, and be sure to seal up these openings. You can use caulk to the fill in the cracks and eliminate any gaps or opening. Caulking also provides an additional benefit of reducing air leakage and helping your home save energy.

Declutter Your Basement

Insects and animals are attracted to clutter, so it’s best to clean and organize your basement. This means going over the things you’ve stored and deciding ones which to throw away. You can also free up some space by donating or having a yard sale. When organizing your basement, be sure to keep things away from the wall, so insects won’t be tempted to build their nests on them.

Protect your basement from insects or dirt by taking note of these things. If the space needs additional installations like a window well cover, be sure to work with reliable contractors who can help you find the perfect solution. You can also benefit from putting a drop of peppermint oil in areas where you usually find insects like ants and spiders.

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