New Beginnings: The Bliss of Retirement

Country Style Home

Country Style HomeLiving is people toiling on their backs for decades to pay the bills, raise the family and of course, build a lasting legacy. But eventually, you will settle down and retire – just like everybody else. While some people may already have more or less an idea of what they’ll do come retirement, some don’t know where to start. After putting down the plough, you may ask yourself: “what now?”

Fret not. Retirement is not the end of your active lifestyle. It is rather only the beginning of your bliss. Here are a few ideas of what to do when you finally decide to retire.

Retire to the Country

Ever heard of Cincinnatus? After his service to Rome he eventually took up the plough and lived his remaining days out in his farm. If you want to settle down into the quiet life, find a nice peaceful patch of rural land and have a country-style home built for you with the money you’ve saved up. Manor Homes recommends getting your own country style homes. Here you can take up farming and gardening for good exercise and rejuvenation. You can even start writing your memoirs here.

Travel the World

Ever wanted to go travel but just couldn’t because of work? Now that you’re free, you can finally book all those plane tickets and travel all you like. Get your go-to list, use your savings, and set off on your best adventure yet. Enjoy everything. Chase after those worldly opportunities as you chased after those deadlines back in the day.

Give Back

This is a rather selfless route to take, so if you are feeling generous, read on. You’ve spent decades toiling for yourself. Now that you are free from any burdening obligations, how about you give back? Start a non-profit organisation and give back to your community. Volunteer to local charities and philanthropy. Get active with the local community and work to improve humanity.

Retirement is not the end of the line. It is only another beginning.

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