Molds Affect Not Only You – They Can Be Dangerous for Pets Too

wall covered in moldCanada is home not only to more than 36 million people – there are also at least 5 million dogs and more than 8 million cats. About 9% of the population has some pet at home.

Canadians and pets go well together the latter has also become family that humans spend over a thousand dollars during the first 12 months of their furry companions. So why are people not protecting their pets from the same organisms that harm them? Take, for example, molds.

How Mold Affects Pets

If you’re looking for one more good reason to call experts of mold removal in BC, then think of your pets.

To be clear, molds, a type of fungi, affect both humans and animals. You can also get sick and develop what they call the sick building syndrome. Some symptoms include increased risks of respiratory infections, headaches, and chest tightness.

The bigger difference is that you can know molds, but your pets don’t. They may encounter them in their hiding spots, lounges, and beds. They can also grow on their food if they have been wet or damp. They, therefore, have a higher chance of ingesting them.

Pets cannot tell you when they do, and sometimes the symptoms do not appear until the problem may have already progressed.

There are different types of molds and methods of contact, which means the symptoms can also vary. According to the PetMD’s veterinary advisor, Dr. Patrick Mahaney, the animals may ingest or inhale the molds. If they’ve ingested it, they may experience a change in appetite, gastric issues such as diarrhea, and vomiting. In some cases, the pets may develop allergic reactions, which may result in sores and infection.

In worst-case scenarios, the pets can bleed out once the molds have already damaged the liver. This is because the body lacks the ability to clot.

The good news is, when caught early, the animals can recover well. The best preventive measure, however, is to remove all traces of the fungi. It’s good for your furry babies and for you.

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