Modern Architectural Trends You Should Learn About Today

modern apartment with balcony

modern apartment with balconyDwellings and buildings today are diverse and, in some places, eclectic. On closer inspection, the eclecticism is not forced but flows between the eras. Edwardian houses with minimalist modern extensions are a prime example. shows that this is a viable progression for houses, flats, and buildings. Other trends to consider with new construction include:

Greens and foliage

Hanging plants, gardens on walls, and elevated planters give a fresh new face to the house. It is a different take on crawling ivy and can blend with the wall or building. Plant-covered walls and buildings are also good for the environment.

Prefabricated buildings

These are not the old prefabs most people imagine them to be. These are modular houses, with parts manufactured in a factory and delivered to the site for assembling.

Construction is fast and easy, and the resulting building is one-of-a-kind and customized. Manufacturers design them to be aesthetically pleasing and sturdy enough for the long term.

Blackened timber

This trend has been popular for several years now, and it is still going strong. It uses a technique called shou sugi ban to blacken the wood cladding on walls. Developed in Japan for wood preservation, this technique naturally blackens wood by burning.

One advantage of blackened wood is its ability to absorb bad odors as well as air pollutants.

House extensions

A modern home is almost synonymous with tight living quarters. The solution has been imaginative house extensions with creative results. These include the use of skylights, glasses, interior windows, staircase spaces, and other innovations.


This is a game changer, which hopefully will become part of every project moving forward. It is a concept that blends today’s materials with the intention of repurposing them later on.

Those are just a few features modern designs boast of. Do you think you’ll incorporate any of these in your home?

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