Mixing and Matching Antiques in a Modern Living Room

Spacious living roomAround half a century ago, the trend of mixing antique and modern decor for the living room was once frowned upon. However, this approach is currently gaining popularity and is even being featured in online design magazines and printed publications. If you want to try this method, you would need the following pointers:

Antique Architectural Pieces with Contemporary Accents

Choose from a number of refurbished antique fireplace mantels and install your selection above your living room fireplace. Authentic Provence reminds, however, to make sure that your choice merges with the area’s design scheme. Add contemporary decorative pieces on top of the mantel that can either complement or contrast the fireplace’s motif.

Modern Décor Mixed with Antique Accessories

Modern paintings go well with antique frames. You can do the same to ceramics, using the antique pieces to accent the more modern ones. Try the same approach with contemporary furniture and antique decorations. Simply make sure that both current and historic will merge aesthetically and will not clash in either design or hue.

Highlighting an Antique Piece with Modern Furnishings

Choose a large antique statue or vase and use it as the main attraction of your living room. Then, buy contemporary furniture to complement that classical centerpiece. Remember, you won’t need to position your vintage item in the middle of the living room to be noticed. Simply find the prime spot where a visitor can view it first.

Thematic Grouping of Both Antique and Modern Items

Classifying a number of classical decorative pieces alongside its more modern counterparts can work as long as they’re grouped according to a common feature. Colors, designs, shapes, and other characteristics can be used to organize everything visually and create a seamless artistic approach to your living room’s design.

Rule of thumb: Feel free to ask expert advice if you find your fashion sense floundering. When shopping for your furnishings and fixtures, ask for suggestions on which to purchase. Finally, don’t be afraid to try out your ideas since creativity requires guts to follow through on it.

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