Millennials: The Green Shopping Advocates

Millennials are reshaping shopping trends and redefining environmentalism. According to a recent Nielsen global study, almost 75% of millennials are willing to pay more for brands offering sustainable products. This rate is a significant increase from 55% in the 2014 survey.

pollutionEnvironmentally Conscious Consumers

The millennial generation, born between 1980 and 2000, is the most environment-conscious generation in history. More than 65% of them believe global warming is a serious issue. Many of them are also driving bikes and choosing public transportation instead of driving their own cars. Moreover, 80% of them work for companies with a positive environmental stand.

When it comes to shopping, millennials choose brands and companies with positive environmental and social impact. About 70% of them purchase products that support a cause, while 24% of them believe that buying sustainable products from small and local businesses can make a difference in the world. The latest Nielsen survey also revealed that millennials prefer buying organic food and other products.

Social Media Activism

social mediaMillennials are also the most digital-savvy. This generation utilizes the power of social media to express their social activism. Seventy one percent of them use Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram to discuss social and environmental issues they care about, and 73% of them feel that this approach is an effective form of activism or advocacy.

Green-focused apps, videos, and pictures are a few of the things that catch the attention of a millennial internet user. With these tools, they are able to share their stand on certain environmental and social issues with their networks and friends.

Millennials also bring their love for the environment when they are shopping online. Eighty percent of them read online reviews first to check if the brand is environmentally conscious or if the packaging of a product is recyclable or sustainable. They are also likely to post and share environment-friendly brands on their social media accounts.

Millennials’ Unique Perspective

David Weinberger, a known American technologist, said, “Baby Boomers are concerned with economic growth, job creation, enhancing public health, educational achievement, and national security and diplomacy. Young people recognize that each of these concerns is inextricably tied to the environment.”

This generation’s perspective on environmental preservation is beginning to catch the attention of the business industry. Today’s brand marketing is gearing toward strategies that respond to sustainability-focused consumers – the Millennials. These young people are influencing corporate leaders to go green, and consequently, they help improve significant facets of the global economy, such as employment growth, sustainable resources, and public health.

With their green shopping trends and social media activism, Millennials are becoming the powerful advocates of environmental conservation.

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