Making Your Neighborhood a Safer Place

Community SafetyStatistics show that property crime rate is declining throughout the country. This doesn’t mean there is a room for complacency, however. You should take advantage of this falling crime rate to find ways to reinforce the security in your community. Here are some practical ways to do it:

Start a Neighborhood Watch Program

Gather your neighbors and call yourself the Watchmen, though donning a costume is out of the question. You don’t have to become a vigilante; being watchful of suspicious activities and encouraging your neighbors to do the same can do a great deal in reinforcing the community’s security.

Provide Ample Lighting on the Streets

Although there are streetlamps, you can encourage your neighbors to improve the lighting by turning on the porch lights in the evening. Motion-sensor lights can also help. You can install them in the back of the house. This will discourage burglars as there won’t be darkness to hide them.

Get the Assistance of Security Pro

Hire central station alarm monitoring companies. They can provide an alarm monitoring system to track burglar, fire, and residential alarm. Once they received an alarm signal, they will directly notify the authorities. They can also offer watchman and supervisory services.

Know the Numbers to Call

It’s important to know your local police department. If you observe suspicious activities, don’t hesitate to ask the police to patrol the area. Teach your child the numbers to call during emergencies, like 911. Your child should also know the numbers of your trusted neighbors who can help you in the case of an emergency.

Keeping your community safe is a team effort. You should start reinforcing security in your own home, though. Make sure you have a functional security system and sufficient porch lighting. Then, encourage your neighbors to do the same.

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