Keeping Your Jet Ski in Good Condition: Learn the Basics

Jet SkiingRiding a jet ski is one the best ways to have fun on a wide expanse of water. While it’s a lot more user-friendly than an old-fashioned boat, however, some preventative maintenance measures are in order to keep it in optimal working condition. With some effort and tender loving care, you can help extend the life of your craft and keep using it in the years to come.

Break the Engine In

A lot of excitement goes with buying your first personal watercraft and you may feel tempted to race it through the water with all the power your new engine can muster. This practice, however, isn’t the proper way to break an engine in. While you’re still testing the motor, avoid extended drag-ins across the water. Wait a few hours before you try a full throttle — it’ll help prolong the engine’s longevity.

Flush Your Jet Ski After Every Ride

Surging through the ocean could end up with the engine’s cooling passages clogged up after some time. So, hose down your personal watercraft with cool, fresh water to keep it in good condition. Additionally, saltwater corrosion could take a toll on your jet ski’s pump and driveshaft. After each ride, blast your jet ski with water to keep it clean and saltwater-free.

Maintain the Power Source

In between your riding session, you may forget to keep your battery fully charged. Make sure not to forget about it, though. Riding your jet ski on a half-charged battery is the best way to damage its ability to hold a charge. Maintain your jet ski’s power source by charging it often. Another upside to this practice is that it’ll always be ready for use, whenever you need it.

Get Your Own Carport

Take proper care of your craft by keeping it protected from harsh weather conditions and corrosive elements. Just Patios suggests putting up a personalised carport in your home to keep your vehicle out of the elements and in top shape. With a jet ski garage, you’ll be able to protect your vehicle from temperature changes that could contribute to its wear-and-tear.

A jet ski isn’t a high maintenance vehicle when compared to other watercraft. As long as you spend a little extra time on preventative maintenance, then your favourite jet ski will have a longer life span and serve you well.

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