Inviting Guests to Your House? Here’s What They Usually Notice

a living roomIf you’re bringing friends or letting guests stay at your place, you are probably concerned about making your home inviting and pleasing. As you want to make a good impression, you may be thinking of spending hours cleaning and tidying up your abode. You can save yourself the time and stress by focusing on the things that guests usually notice.


Dirty floors tell your guests that you’re not prepared for their arrival. Make sure your floors are clean enough by doing some sweeping or vacuuming before the guests arrive. If you have carpeted floors, have them professionally cleaned. Carpet cleaning service companies in Riverton, Utah notes that this can prevent the buildup of allergens and protect indoor air quality.


It’s likely that you may not notice an unpleasant odor in your home, as you’re used to the smells of the place. Guests, on the other hand, have sensitive noses and can smell some odors you’re accustomed to. You can neutralize the odors by using an air freshener, scented candle, or aroma diffuser with essential oils.


This is the room where most guests are likely to assess or make an opinion about your family’s hygiene. Make sure that the bathroom walls, toilet, and sink are clean. Don’t forget to mop and vacuum the floors and stock the room with basic personal care items, including fresh towels. You might also want to update your shower curtains or add new hooks.


This is likely to be the first thing that guests will notice as they enter your abode. Be sure to clean the rug or doormat and provide enough space for guests to hang their coats and other belongings neatly. Depending on the available space, you can add an umbrella stand, a coat rack, or even place to sit while guests take off or put on their shoes.

These are just a few things that house guests always notice. Make them feel welcomed by spending some time in cleaning your abode and providing the basic amenities. You can also get help from professionals like carpet cleaning experts a few days before the guests arrive to improve the aesthetics of your home and eliminate stains and odors.

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