Indoor Pools Vs. Outdoor Pools: Which One Should You Get?

Couple relaxing on their swimming pool at homeFor many homeowners, any pool — from the usual swimming pool to small plunge pools — can raise the value of a home. Families also want a pool for relaxation and recreation. Pools make for great social spaces as well. You have your own reasons for wanting a pool, and you will most likely want an outdoor pool. Outdoor pools can be great. Depending on your location and your property, however, you can choose to have an indoor pool installed instead. Here are a few points to help you decide.

The Weather

The climate in your area can be the biggest factor that determines whether you will have an outdoor or an indoor pool. Warm, mostly sunny weather calls for an outdoor pool, but the indoor alternative will be best for cold weather. Here in Australia, of course, an outdoor pool makes more sense, although you can still opt for an indoor pool to make your home look more modern and luxurious.

Indoor Costs

When you want an indoor pool, your expenses will begin at around $25,000 for a basic design. Costs can reach up to $150,000 for a concept pool and high-tech equipment. The cost of the room or building around the pool will also increase expenses.

Installation Timing

Take your time in installing an indoor pool. You can work carefully with your pool manufacturer to keep costs down and ensure the quality of your pool and equipment. You can time the construction during a renovation for a seamless installation of the pool. The renovation will also allow you to reconstruct your home with the indoor pool in mind.

Elements to Consider

As you plan for the indoor pool, you have to think about ventilation most of all. Indoor pools need good ventilation systems to keep the air fresh and cool. Otherwise, it will leave you with thick, sticky, and humid air. You also have to think about the pool size, depth, access, structural support, interiors, and many other elements.

An indoor pool may be more work than an outdoor pool, but it may be the best choice for your home. Just weigh your options and listen to expert advice.

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