How to Find the Source of the Roof Leak

A ceiling damaged by a leakageWater stains are unsightly, ruining what could have been attractive interiors and exteriors. If they’re too visible, it destroys the curb appeal of a property, thereby affecting its resale value.

Repairing roof leaks is the easy part. The hard part is tracking down where the leak comes from.

Think like water

Expert roofers advise homeowners to think like water. The source is difficult to locate because the stains show up away from that specific source. Nonetheless, water penetrates particular areas more efficiently such as worn or broken shingles, loose nails, and corroded or poorly sealed vent flashings and along roof places intersections. These are the likely culprit.

Let the stains be your guide

Start from the stains themselves going uphill to look if there are any roof penetrations. Leak sources are often just a few feet away from the stains. Sources can be above or beside the stains. These penetrants are the common sources of roof leaks.

No, leaks don’t usually develop in the shingles. Look at the roof vents, dormers, and chimneys. Check the plumbing projecting through the roof, especially the gutters that may require gutter replacement. Fairfax has distinct names of providers of such services.

Look for evidence

Apart from the water stains themselves, other things to look for are mold or black marks. Check the insides of the vaulted ceiling or the attic if you can access it.

Run water from above

You will need a garden hose and a helper for this task. Start from the roof to soak where the water stains are. You or the helper should be downstairs to wait if the drip will appear or not. When it becomes visible, chances are, the leaks are in that particular area.

Tear down the installations

If the hosing-dripping don’t work, your last resort is to remove the fixtures such as the shingles around the suspect area. You might find more pieces of evidence now, such as discolored, water-stained or even rotten wood, and probably found the source. It should be directly below and around the proofs.

After finding the source, it’s time to fix it. Don’t delay the roof repairs because the minimal amount that you may need to spend might skyrocket if you deliberately chose to postpone repairs.

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