How to Dispose of Your Junk Legally

junk removalSpring-cleaning or a home remodel is a good way to collect a ton of stuff you want off your property. They are occupying much of your porch or front yard, and you have to get rid of them. Unfortunately, you cannot just dump them all in the dumpster or trash. That can get you in trouble with the law.

You can also get in trouble with your neighbors. Responsible and safe junk removal in Denver, Colorado usually means hiring a service to do it for you. Here are the things they can, and cannot haul away.


A junk removal company typically comes in to haul off large items from a home or business. They haul off old appliances, computers, furniture, tubs, and the like. They can also haul off construction debris like concrete, bricks, wood, glass, windows, drywall, rebar, electrical wiring, and so on.

If you have recently done any landscaping, the junk removal company will also remove dirt, sod, rocks, and large tree branches. You pay them by volume, which ranges from a pickup load to a full truckload. The average cost for 60 cubic feet of junk is $100.

You may have to pay extra to get them to haul off televisions and computer monitors. You will not have to do anything but point. The company will do everything else.


Junk removal companies are not garbage collectors. They do not haul off waste material like food and boxes, which belong in the garbage can or dumpster. They also cannot remove hazardous waste from the home or business.

This includes paints, medical waste, propane tanks, chemical waste, and anything containing lead or asbestos. Some junk removal companies have a special license to do that. However, most are not qualified to handle these types of materials.

Junk removal can be hard to do on your own. Professional junk removal companies are the best way to get rid of some of your larger unwanted stuff without getting into trouble.

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